I've never been more spoiled!

My husband walked in the door yesterday evening with this:

I am, officially, spoiled.

My entire day was one surprise after another. I've never had a better birthday.

Yesterday, when talking with my kids about my birthday, they inquired as to why I never have a party. I told them adults don't usually have parties to celebrate their birthdays; especially not when they have kids. They immediately responded with the most precious thing I've ever heard. They said, "But mom. YOUR birthday is the MOST important and we should celebrate it the most. After all, if you hadn't been born, then none of us would be here." I was in tears.

This morning, I was awakened with a sweet kiss from my boy. (My son...not my husband.) He said, "Happy Birthday, Mommy. I love you. What are we doing today?" It's a good thing I was too tired to answer that question because I'd have gotten it all wrong.

Once all 3 kids were up, they showered me with cards. (They bought them "behind my back" yesterday when we were at Bibles for Mexico, a local thrift store. In typical mom fashion, I pretended NOT to know what they were buying. But I knew. A mom always knows. Especially when SHE'S the one paying.) Still, I loved their hearts. They were so precious...and the hugs that followed were the best gift ever. Still, more was to come.

Just after lunch, a man arrived at my door with flowers. It seems my children have quite the knack for conspiring with their daddy. They asked him to buy me flowers. "Mommy has no idea!" they told him. I didn't mention that while at Costco the day before they asked me what my favorite flower was...and what color...and what my favorite bouquet was. I got exactly what I told them I loved. They have good memories. :-)

About an hour later, a neighbor dropped by for our usual coupon exchange. She came bearing presents, though. As did her daughters who had each made their own homemade cards for me. My friend then revealed the cookie cake with chocolate icing she had made for me. Her 3yr old daughter eagerly helped me open the other present she gave me: A homemade afghan. My favorite. I love it! She really went above and beyond. I was so surprised. This really touched my heart and made my day.

To make my day even better, my children proceeded to behave nearly perfectly today. Anytime one of them started to get out of line, I'd hear another say, "It's mommy's birthday. We want to be really good to surprise her." The "offender" would immediately straighten up. (Can it be my birthday every day? I don't care how old it makes me!)

Just before my husband left work, my oldest (9) announced she needed to call Daddy to make sure he did everything right. Uh oh. More conspiring! I love those kids!

Shortly thereafter, I get a call from my husband asking if I have a preference for dinner. After all, it's my birthday. I'm not cooking tonight. (Did I mention that I didn't cook LAST night either?) The took me to one of my favorite restaurants, Boatwerks. See what I had for my birthday dinner: (And I didn't even have to cook it!)

My husband then calls to say he's home...send a kid out to bring the food in. The food included my cake...and some turtles-which I LOVE! He then proceeded to head back out? What? Why? I soon found out.

He ran out to go to Blockbuster and get one of my favorite videos! Did I mention that I love that man?

While my husband was gone, my 9yr old proceeded to serve dinner to everyone in the family...including me. Wow!

Now, take a look at my cake again. How old am I? Exactly. My man respected my age. I am 29...with 3 years experience!

I feel so spoiled!


My Trendy Tykes said...

Aww! Sounds like you had a great day.
Happy Bday (29 again too?) I was 29 (plus 1) this year too.



Thoughts of THAT mom said...

Thanks for the well wishes. It WAS a great day! :-)