A Bottle of Shampoo

How on EARTH is it that my 6yr old son managed to use AN ENTIRE BOTTLE of shampoo when he took his bath yesterday? I so don’t get it. This isn’t the first time it’s happened either. Twice before, he’s gone through an entire bottle!?!?

WHAT is this child doing in his bath when I’m not looking?

Now my son does have a good head of hair, but a WHOLE bottle? No.

I think this family takes it for granted that I get the shampoo for free (if I haven’t been paid to take it). That’s no excuse, though. ‘Cause at THIS rate, we’ll be going through FAR more bottles than I have in my basement!

Then again, this IS the same son who assures me that he doesn’t NEED baths. Perhaps it’s all a ploy to try to get out of baths? He is QUITE insistent that 6yr old boys DO NOT get dirty enough to need a bath.

Shall I cave? Is an entire bottle of shampoo (or 3) going to get him out of taking baths? Let me ponder that for a moment.

Um. That would be no.

If you have a boy of any age, then you understand why.



Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing what trouble they can get into while in the tub? I now have to ban any toy that can hold water from the bath because my daughter will soak the entire floor if left to her own devices for even a minute.

One time I let her take a bottle of bubble solution into the tub with her, foolishly thinking she'd have fun blowing bubbles during bath time. I left the bathroom to retrieve a towel and came back to find the entire bottle of solution had been dumped into the bath. I then had to spend several minutes explaining why she could no longer blow bubbles. Good times.

Unknown said...

My son went through a period of time where he went through shampoo like water! Finally, I decided to give him a travel-sized bottle of shampoo and keep the big bottle in the cabinet. I would just refill his little bottle with just enough for one shampooing. Yes, it was a pain to remember to refill it each night, but it sure did save on shampoo! And it wasn't long before he didn't use a lot anymore and I could just leave the big bottles on the side of the tub.

Crazy Mom Of The 3 Cubs said...

My husband and son don't use a whole bottle each shower/bath, and they've got more hair between the two of them than your entire family put together! LOL I'd say it's more of a ploy to get out of baths OR a simple formula of distracted boy + boredom = empty bottle.

Have you tried asking him to scrub the bathtub since he uses so much cleaner in there ANYWAY? It might just take care of the problem...!

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

I think your formula: "distracted boy + boredom = empty bottle" is the problem. LOL

I do like the idea of having him clean while he's in there, though.