There are times when change comes to your life. Sometimes you plan for that change. Other times, that change happens upon you unexpectedly.

This week, our family has experienced quite a bit of change.

As you’ll see this coming week, all of us girls changed our hair. We had talked about doing what we did on many occasions. Wednesday, however, was the day we took the plunge. We did it for a good cause. I’m excited to tell you more about that this week…with pictures!

This week we’ve also decided to make a change to our kid’s bedrooms. We have been looking at trying to make this change for some time, but had not yet been successful. We pick up the biggest part of the change on Sunday. The kids are really excited. I’m excited to tell you more about it & show you some pictures this coming week.

We’ve also been making some changes in how we live our lives. Our oldest is gluten-intolerant, but can tolerate spelt. For years, we’ve been buying spelt flour in 25lb or 50lb quantities to save money. Sometimes, we’d find someone to split our order with. Other times, it was all ours. The problem with spelt, unlike wheat, is that it goes bad quickly. We’d fill up our freezer with glass gallon jars filled with spelt to extend its life. Now, we’re ready for something different. We’ve just ordered our first batch of spelt berries and will be milling our own flour. Stored properly, the spelt berries last years. Now, we’ll be able to save freezer space for other necessities and mill our flour when we need it. We’ll also be able to save money by milling our own cereal for her instead of paying $4-$6/box for her cereal. That alone will net us a HUGE savings.

We also had an unexpected, but very unpleasant change this week. My husband lost a good friend this week because of choices that friend made. If you’re a regular reader, then you’re familiar with what happened. That friend has been forgiven, but their relationship will likely never be what it was before.

Change. Good. Bad. Change. We all need change in our lives, we just don’t always know when or where that change is going to come from. We don’t always get to choose the change in our lives.



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