Happy Birthday, Baby!

Today is my husband’s birthday! (He's not much for having pictures taken of himself so we have to steal them when we can get them. Sorry, sweetie!)

We have a family tradition that we go out on a birthday dinner at a restaurant of the birthday person’s choosing to celebrate. My kids wanted my husband to go to Chuck E. Cheese. For some reason, he didn’t agree. I could be wrong, but I’m guessing he’ll choose Italian. (He always does.) We go to Olive Garden twice a year; his birthday and Father’s Day. It’s his favorite restaurant.

So I asked my husband this morning how it felt to be a man in his mid-30’s married to a 29yr old. He said, “Not as good as it will to be an 80yr old man married to a 29yr old.”

Of course, he meant me. I’ve been 29 since the day I turned 29…ahem…for real. (That was *@%&* years ago.) You didn’t think I’d actually tell you did you?

Happy Birthday, baby! We love you!

-Your Wife

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