Help Me Get Rid of My Friend

What a weekend we’ve had! It was so wet busy that I didn’t even get done what I needed to get done. People I’d promised to e-mail, still haven’t heard from me. (I did manage to work in FREE breakfast at Denny’s this morning, though. What sane person wouldn’t make time for breakfast? We do have to eat people!)

We now have a new friend at our house. Allow me to introduce you. His name is Mr. Jam. Ice Jam, that is.

Beware of my friend! He appears nice at first. In reality, though, he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
What started out as a pretty icicle and glistening snow…is now a puddle of water in my entryway.

I’m pretty sure that’s not good.

The ceiling in my entryway? Gone. Taken by Mr. Jam as well.

My friends, DO NOT BE DECEIVED…lest you be standing in a puddle of water yourself.
Don’t get me wrong. We had heard about this “friend”. We knew he could come. And we thought we had done everything we could to keep him at bay. Despite the beauty of the icicle, we had knocked them down to prevent such a visit.

Now we know, that Mr. Jam was laughing his evil laugh as we broke down pretty icicle after icicle. He sat up there, surrounded by snow...knowing that underneath that glistening snow he was planning, he was plotting…and at just the right time, he would act. Two days ago, he struck. He stuck out his hands and kept them there. His hands were holding up a block of ice. As the snow and ice on our roof melted, they came to the bridge of his hands. He didn’t open his hands. No. He kept them closed and snickered as the water built up. He laughed harder as the water built up so much that it leaked through our roof. In fact, he moved his hands ever so slightly so as to direct the water in there further; being careful not to let any slip through his hands and slide off the roof as it should have.

As we awoke to the sounds of his work pouring into our house, we were crushed. The glistening snow. It had betrayed us. It had covered up the threatening icicle so that we didn’t see Mr. Jam moving in.

I’m working on building an extended rake as we speak to get up there next time. Something has GOT to be done! I want this friend gone…and gone FOREVER! I don’t ever want him back. No cold-weathered friends are welcome at my house!

Can any of you give me advice? If my friend has visited your house, what did YOU do to get him to go away? Then, what did you do to keep him from coming back? Knowing, of course, that his preferred resting spot is out of your easy reach and your husband is afraid of heights.

Anyone? I’m taking advice, help, and consolation in my comments or at my e-mail address.
Any help or comfort you can give would be greatly appreciated.



Luke Holzmann said...

I've got no advice. All I have is a hug: [hug]

Hope someone who knows something comes to your aid. I'm unfortunately ignorant in this area.


Thoughts of THAT mom said...

Thanks! Hugs are welcome as well. I had a fellow Michigander come to my aid. I hope. We'll know tonight after DH tries it!

I see I was obviously tired when I wrote this...they are ICICLES! LOL


Crazy Mom Of The 3 Cubs said...

Amy, we had the same problem at our house (notice the giant icicles that form on the front corner of our house?). A friend of ours does roofing and he's got some stuff he put up there that helped melt the ice but is safe for roofs (unlike regular sidewalk salt or similar melting agents). Do you want me to send him your way? Josh can give him a call......