I'm FREE!!!

I am so thankful today.

They say you don’t realize what you have until it’s gone. For me, I didn’t realize what I had until I got it back.

Let me explain. I have lived nearly every day of the past 7 years with a headache. And those headaches are usually accompanied by nausea. Some days were worse than others. Some days were better. There were some headache-free days, but they were very few and very far between. There were days when I had what I call an actual migraine. My neurologist told me several years ago that ALL of my headaches were a migraine.

Since last Tuesday, however, I have been headache free. I don’t mean just migraine-free. I mean COMPLETELY headache free. I can’t tell you why exactly. I have my suspicions, but I’ll hold off on telling them for now. What I will say, is that it was a work of God.

That’s even more evident when you know that my new headache-free period was preceded by a 1 ½ week migraine. No. I’m not kidding. It was awful. It was debilitating. I even ignored you guys…and my kids…during that time. I praised God for a helpful 9yr old more than once during that 1 ½ weeks.

And today, I say THANK YOU GOD!!!!! Let me scream it from the rooftops! Let me scream it loudly! Let me say THANK YOU GOD for no headaches!

I had forgotten what it was like to go through a day without a headache. I had forgotten that it was possible to not feel exhausted by noon because of a headache. I had forgotten that you could get a full day’s work done and not have to fight your way through it. I had forgotten that you can rest and have a lazy Sunday afternoon JUST BECAUSE YOU WANT TO…not just because you have a headache.

I was afraid to get too excited on my first headache-free day. Same on my 2nd. By my 3rd I thought maybe something was wrong with me. (How crazy! Most people would think there was something wrong BECAUSE they had a headache. Me…it’s because the headache was gone! LOL) By day 4, I was praising God. And here I am today…SIX days later…and I’m still headache free!

I could cry!

Thank you, God! Thank you!



Gary Thompson said...

I love you, Baby. I'm so thankful.

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

Thank you, baby. I love you, too.