THIS is What I Get for Homeschooling?

I think I quit. Not really, but I will SO not put up with my CHILD laughing at me because of my ineptitude. She’s grounded. Or something. Can you ground a child for doing WELL in school? Yeah. I was afraid of that.

Today, we found a COOL site that tests you on your knowledge of our nation’s geography. You try to see how many states you can identify on the first time. I did fairly well, except that I tried to put Iowa about 8 states too far to the West. I seriously didn’t realize it was in the middle of the country. I also got stumped on the New England states but part of that was because they were really hard to read. (Okay, maybe part of it was because I didn’t know them all.)

My score of 39/50 correct on the first time is NOT what made it bad, though.


It was my NINE year old daughter sitting behind me LAUGHING AT ME as I made mistakes. There was this one, “Mooommm! That’s Maine!” (That, mind you followed by excruciating…to me…laughter.)

I was trying to find New York.

Then there was the laughter that came when I tried to place Iowa in Wyoming. Of course my daughter, largely thanks to Big States Time, knew exactly where Iowa was. She could also easily locate RI despite its apparent disappearance on this game. Really, I DO know where Rhode Island is, I just couldn’t see it. My daughter says it’s because I’m old. Come on! I’m 29! And don’t you ever argue with me on that one!

Shortly after I took the test, my husband did. He also faced laughter…when he KNEW New Jersey was close to New York but couldn’t remember exactly where it should be. There was more cackling as he tried to place Virginia in the ocean by putting WEST Virginia in its place instead.

I think a lesson in humility when your parents are ignorant is in order. Or at least some training in the dramatic arts: How to act like your parents are smarter than you when you (and they) know they’re not.

I think I need to stop blogging now. I’ve got to study my world map. Perhaps I should learn those continents. There are 18, right?



Luke Holzmann said...

I feel your pain. Only, since we don't have kids yet, the only person who can make me feel inferior is my wife... who rocks at geography and I, well, I don't. [smile]


Thoughts of THAT mom said...

Yes. Well, you'll experience the full scope of it soon enough.

Trust me, your wife is MUCH kinder with her superior geography knowledge than your children will be. LOL

Anonymous said...

Well, Amy, I probably would have laughed at you too. But the truth is, until I moved to the north east I had NO IDEA where most of the states up here were on a map.

Now however, I am a geography wiz and got all 50 states correct the first time. The lesson is: move to NY or MA and do better at geography. =)

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

Corissa-Unless you're willing to come help me pack & agree to help unpack, then I'm not moving.

I better be careful. You might take me up on my offer! LOL

And thanks for the support from one mom to another. I'll remember that the next time you offer to take my children for a week! Oh wait. Nevermind.