TV is Evil!

Okay. Not really, but I liked that title. Truth be told, TV, like many other things in our lives is simply a tool. Some choose to use that tool wisely while still keeping full access to services like cable &/or satellite. Some choose to use that tool wisely with limited services. Some, regardless of what they have on their TV, abuse that tool.

I grew up with a family that always had the TV on…and fought about the TV. Eventually, there were TVs in different rooms…all 3 being watched by different people at the same time. My parents weren’t trying to do anything bad; they were just doing what most American families did: Watch TV…and a LOT of it.

I didn’t want that carried over into my own family when I had children and told my husband so when we were dating. The only problem there was that he was already addicted. To TV that is. We had full cable for our first 6 months. After that, we either had no cable or basic cable only to save money. Still, there’s a LOT of TV you can watch even with basic cable or an antenna. And watch we did. I didn’t let my kids watch TV during the day much, but we watched a LOT in the evenings. At first, we’d wait until the kids were in bed. Then slowly, it got turned on earlier and earlier. Eventually, it was on from the moment my husband walked in the door after work until the time we went to bed which was usually much too late.

The kids were “shush’d” & sent out of the room so the TV could be heard. When Idol was on, I was just as guilty as the next guy.

As many of you know, this past November, we cancelled our cable…and disconnected the TV from all cables. We got rid of all TVs except the one in our bedroom which was to be used for DVDs & VHS’ for school purposes only.

It’s now been over 3 months since we “turned-off” our lives. We are utilizing movies for occasional entertainment, but while remembering that it’s just a tool…and NOT something that should be first in our lives.

It has been an incredible change. To say that our children like the change would be an understatement. They have enjoyed having Daddy play Barbie, Transformers, Cars, & Polly Pocket with them. Yes. My husband actually played Barbie & Polly Pocket.

We’ve not been perfect, but we’re headed in the right direction.

I would encourage you to evaluate your TV use. I’m not saying TV is evil (despite my title). I’m just saying to make sure it’s simply a tool in your home, and not a priority.


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