We had a visitor

I stayed up late and just happened to see that we had a visitor at our house tonight. Our baby has just lost his first tooth. He was so excited. After watching his sisters get payout after payout lose almost all of their teeth, he was really starting to feel left out.

He has been eating apples almost daily, but not to keep the doctor away. In fact, he was hoping to see a little blood that would indicate success.

Today, was his day:

And so the Tooth Fairy paid us a visit. I didn't see what she brought. She said I'll have to wait until tomorrow morning.

Almost makes ME want to lose a tooth.



The Four Week Vegan said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. It is always nice to meet another Sonlighter :)

My baby - even at almost 12 he is my baby - has been working on losing a molar for a month now. It really needs to go and I am almost afraid it may need to be pulled. So glad your guy lost his first tooth. I have to admit the Tooth Fairy in these parts often is sleeping on the job.

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

Well, the Tooth Fairy only remembers to stop here with MANY reminders. (They know her real identity.) LOL

She's been caught sleeping on the job FAR too many times around here, too.

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

There was a COMPLETELY unnecessary (and untrue) comment left on this blog by someone who did not have the courage to give their face or name before making such a comment.

I will blog about this in just a bit, but let me say this:

I KNOW who you are! I have a tracker and although you may have attempted to post anonymously, I KNOW EXACTLY WHO YOU ARE. (I heard you like caps too so those were JUST for you!)

I also KNOW that you live locally. Please know that I will NOT hesitate to take legal action should I deem it necessary to protect my family.

You DO NOT mess with a mama bear and go talking trash about her children...especially on a completely benign post. If you want to rant about my politics, then RANT AWAY! But DO NOT mess with my family!


Thoughts of THAT mom said...

I wanted to clarify that the comment was left on THIS post and HAS BEEN DELETED!

In 4 years of blogging I have never deleted a comment before now!

Thank you to those who have given me kind words and advice on how to deal with this person. We ARE aware of EXACTLY who they are.


Gary Thompson said...

Hey, Anonymous.

I now know who you are.

I must say that I'm pretty disappointed. Turns out, we actually know each other and to my face you act as if you're a true friend...even pretty respectful.

I previously thought you were someone else. I even told a few people who I thought you might be. Turns out I was wrong.

And your true identity is sickeningly disappointing to me. There will be grave interpersonal consequences in our relationship for your actions. No, I'm not threatening you or anyone else personally. But there will be consequences sooner or later that will make your life (at least temporarily) harder.

Geez. Do I sound phsyco here or what? LOL. But rest assured, I'm not. I'm just angry. All respect I previously had for you is now gone.

I don't take to kindly to someone I consider(ed) a friend making pot shots and personal attacks against my wife. And very soon you'll find out how upset these attacks have made me.

But I must say. This revelation explains a few things about you to me. Some previous questions I had about your character and behavior have been put nicely into place.

I had hoped to give you the benefit of the doubt on these things over the course of the last couple of years. But it turns out that you're not worthy of that benefit.

It's sad and frustrating. I thought I could respect you. I thought we were friends. Now you're going to find that your cowardly, anonymous, childish, two-faced venting carries with it a marked cost.

You need some serious help. You should be ashamed of yourself. Grow up. In a world with so few authentic people, I thought you were an exception.

Can you hear how hurt I am? Only a friend can create a betrayal and a wound this deep. And you have done it. You need to watch your actions more closely and guard your words. You have behaved as a proverbial fool. This revelation cuts me deep.

I'm hardly able to think now. I can handle someone not agreeing with me or my family honestly, respectfully, and openly. But what I can't handle is a secret coward who blesses me and mine to our faces, and then turns around to curse us secretly.

You have managed to decrease my trust in the human condition even lower than it had previously been.

Man. You have hurt me.

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

And I would like to add to what my husband said by clarifying a few things.

First, I NEVER have a problem with someone not liking me, my beliefs, my actions, or my posts.

Someone can call me fat, say I'm stupid, call me an idiot, or say that they don't think much of my thoughts, opinions, beliefs, or blogs.

However, they may NOT make mean pot-shots at my children! THAT, sir, is where you crossed the line.

No. You didn't directly threaten my child, but you DID make an inappropriate comment ABOUT my child on this post. It was uncalled for and I won't tolerate it.

You ARE welcome to post on my blog again. However, any comments you (or anyone) make regarding my children other than honest questions, genuine advice, or comments on how incredibly cute and precious they are will be deleted.

I don't take that delete button lightly, either. I am a FIRM believer in people being able to voice their opinions-good or bad-on my blog. YOUR post on this blog was the first comment I have ever 4 years of blogging.

Bottom line? Don't mess with a mama bear's cubs. Even if nothing else causes her to react...THAT will.

Oh yeah-and thanks for making it that much easier to confirm your identity. If you'll talk to my husband I'm sure he'd be glad to give you the details.


Gary Thompson said...

Dear Anonymous.

Your betrayal of our friendship has really hurt. It still hurts.

And my initial human reaction is to somehow get you back; to make you feel in return some pain for the contempt with which you have treated me and my family. Honestly, you are one of the LAST people I expected such an attack from.

But I just spent the last 20 minutes praying about this. I asked God "What do you want me to do?"

I imagined he would want me to end our relationship and association. But instead, he asked me to forgive you and pray for you. I told him "That is hard and I'm not sure if I can do that."

He essentially said to me: "Gary, if you don't forgive him, you will only destroy yourself."

Ouch. Therefore, I forgive you. I truly wish God's best blessings upon you and your family. I pray joy, peace, happiness, healing and prosperity upon you. I pray you will have an encounter with God and experience a change that will give you an undivided heart.

God bless you. And don't worry yourself with thoughts that I might try to "get back" at you. I can't afford to do that. God has given me such mercy. I should extend the same.

God's favor and blessings to you.

Amanda said...

I just wanted to comment to say I'm so sorry for all the drama you guys have evidently recently encountered. I don't know exactly what happened, but based on your replies, I have some ideas.

I'm sad that people think it's okay to say anything in the comments section of a blog that they wouldn't dare say to your face. I'm especially sad that whatever was said was something inappropriate about your little ones. I hope they see clearly the error of their ways, and soon.

Amy, I hope that the inappropriate behavior of people who can't make good decisions doesn't dissuade you from keeping your blog. You're a fantastic writer, and though I've just been reading for a short time, I've been enjoying myself immensely.

Thoughts of THAT mom said...


Thank you for your kind words.

No. I will not stop blogging.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Trey!! You look cool without your tooth.

Miss Amy L.

: )