At Least GM Isn't Partial

They're threatening the European Union as well as the US.

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of hearing companies threatening the government saying that if the government doesn't give them money to bail them out then the country's collapse will be "all the government's fault".

Companies! I have remarkable news for you! The government didn't get you into this mess...and they shouldn't get you out!

Here's another word for you as well: The government's money belongs to the PEOPLE. These same people WILL base how, where, when, and from whom they buy on actions like these!

Another note? IF YOU KEEP STEALING MONEY AWAY FROM THE PEOPLE THEN THEY CANNOT AFFORD TO BUY YOUR CRAP! (Sorry for the bad language. Please forgive me.)

Okay. I'm done. (For now.) You can read more here. You know...if you feel like vomiting today.


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