Designer Babies?

What if you could know what your child "should" be?

Great news! You can! And I think it's downright insane.

Do people in the US really not know that this is already being done in China & Russia? They may not use actual DNA tests (although they might now), but they hand-pick the young children whom they decide will begin training for the Olympics based on their family history, athletic ability, & body size/shape.

Let me reprhase that...This was started in two COMMUNIST countries! I know Russia is not officially communist now, but they still practice this model.

I think it's outrageous to DNA test your child to see if they could/should be a particular type of athelete. How about letting your child try different activities and letting THEM...NOT a DNA test decide who and what they want to be?

Yes, it might mean Jr. chooses to play the Cello instead of becoming an Olympian. Don't you think that's HIS choice to make, though?

As parents, we are to train our children in the way they should go (in Christ), not force a particular profession on them!


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