Parents to Blame for Childhood Obesity?

Some genius felt the need to do a survey or study (no doubt paid for by our government). According to Live Science, that study had mind-blowing results: Parents are to Blame for Childhood Obesity.

Gee. Ya’ Think?

That doesn’t mean that genetics can’t play a role for both thin & overweight children, but the bottom line still stands. You ARE what you eat. Or, more aptly put, your children are what you feed them!

Did we really need a probably multi-million dollar study to tell us this? I’m sure someone, somewhere felt that this study was necessary (like those getting paid for conducting the study).

However, when it’s MY money being used please consult me first. ‘Cause I could have given you the answer for MUCH cheaper. Like, I only charge $100,000 for such answers (or a new, fancy house…whichever is cheaper in today’s economy).



Melody said...

Great post and I so agree.
Although, ya know...they keep saying kids are obese...WHERE ARE THEY? I'm just not seeing it. I mean there are a few here or there. But an "epidemic"...I think not. All the same, we as parents need to make sure our kids are getting healthy choices, limiting junk, and plenty of fresh air and exercise.

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

Words of wisdom, Melody.