Are "Fixed" Expenses Really Fixed?

We’re currently on a quest to save money, pay off our remaining medical bills, and to become more self-sufficient. In this quest, I have been challenged to take another look at our budget. We all have those expenses that we consider fixed. I started to wonder, though, if there was really any expense that was fixed.

In the next couple of weeks, I’m going to be talking about our quest to further reduce our bills.

I’ll talk a little about what we’ve done in the past and a little about what we’re doing now to change our bills and our life for the better. I’m also looking for ideas. If there’s something you’ve done that I haven’t mentioned please post a comment here or e-mail me. I’d love new ideas!

If you haven’t recently, you should take the time to write out your monthly expenses. Do your best to separate them into “fixed” and “variable” expenses. I know what’s “fixed” and what’s “variable” can be different for each family. There are usually some similarities, though. (Housing and car payments come to mind.)

I would like to encourage you to take another look at those expenses in your budget that you consider to be “fixed”. Are they really?


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