Nearly everyone would tell you they hate failure. The truth, however, is that for most people the FEAR of failure stops them from action more often than failure itself.

Let’s just look at some hypotheticals. Shall we? Let’s say you’re thinking about doing division (hypothetically, of course), or making your bed (which now resides at the top of a bunk bed), or pondering the proposition of cleaning your room (which you messed up) all by yourself. We could even get a little crazy and consider cleaning the car…which your children have eaten in…and which now features several science experiments in various stages. Again, this is all PURELY hypothetical.

Now. One can look at these situations, say that they are completely impossible and just decide that because they are obviously completely unreachable and you will, therefore completely and utterly fail, that you just shouldn’t even attempt to do whatever it is…at all…EVER. This WOULD be logical…if it weren’t impossible.

Seriously. Did you know that it is impossible to fail at something which you have never before tried?

I guess one could look at that and say, “Well, if I will only fail if I try something then I might as well never try anything so that I will never fail.” Well…Yes…and No. If you never try something to prevent failure then you will also prevent success (or in the above, hypothetical, situations have a really dirty car, bed, & room…and never learn how to divide things…which actually could be bad in the long run…hypothetically).

Do you get what I’m saying? Facing FAILURE is actually the ONLY way to achieve success! That doesn’t mean that you’ll fail every time you try to succeed. It just means that the only way to achieve success is to try and risk failure.

Still, is failure bad? Isn’t failure just a learning experience that brings you that much closer to success? That’s my take. You may have failed this time, but you learned what didn’t work which means your THAT much closer to finding what WILL work.

I would contend that anyone in any of the hypothetical situations I outlined above should just do it! Risk the failure, learn if you do fail, and keep trying so that eventually you achieve success.


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Melody said...

I needed I am feeling defeated with this diet and exercise thing. But I have to say, I have received so much encouragement and support this week...that I'm looking at it all in a whole new light...a more positive one! Thanks again for the words of wisdom!