Family Game Night

We love family game night. We love it so much that we don't just have one night designated to playing games. We might play once a week, or several times a week.

Most of you have figured out by now that we are quite cheap. Translation: I don't like to pay full price for ANYTHING if I can help it...and I can usually help it.

For about a year now, my kids have wanted Uno Attack. I had hoped to find a good deal on the game by Christmas, but I didn't. I found a good deal on Sorry so they got THAT for Christmas. That has become a new favorite. However, we still love Uno and Uno H2O...and they still wanted Uno Attack.

I was VERY excited to find Uno Attack for $1 at our local thrift store a couple of weeks ago. I was so excited, that I could barely keep it from my kids. I KNEW how much they wanted this game!

I was trying to make it to Easter.

Then, Friday came. We were off grid. We had the oil lamp and some candles lit. We were ready to play a game. Out came Sorry. Then, I broke. I pulled out "the" game.

We had a BLAST playing Uno Attack!

I'm so glad we didn't wait!



Amanda said...

I LOVE finding deals like that! We were at the Hallmark store one day and Gracie was *begging* me for a $16 Ty Girlz doll. I resisted, and at our next stop (the thrift store), we found a unregistered Ty Girlz doll in beautiful condition for $1.50. Gracie couldn't have been more excited, and it was a valuable lesson for her. I felt so blessed!

Amanda said...

... oh, and nearly 2 years later, she still plays with the doll and with her girl on the Ty website. Best $1.50 ever!

Gary Thompson said...

Mom! I LOVE Uno Attack! Thank you a millon times! you also got Sorry at the thrift store.

Lots of love,

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

Amanda-Can't beat good deals like that!

Toots-Thanks for the comment, sweetie! I love you, too.