Mean Mommy Strikes Again

I’m told by some friends on Facebook that I’m apparently a terrible mom. I already knew I was a mean mommy. I shall now add thoughtless and uncaring to that list.

What egregious act prompted this?

Frankly, I’m not sure I should tell you. I’m sure it will just cause you to agree with them. I don’t know if I can take any more of that.

Alright. You broke me.

I asked my children to clean their room. It’s not THAT act in and of itself that makes me horrible, however. It is the fact that I asked them to do so on Easter Sunday. I’ll give you a minute to process. Done?

I know. It was thoughtless. I’m evidently supposed to let their room stay dirty if it’s a holiday.

I won’t apologize, however. I think my children learned a very valuable lesson today.

From in my bedroom, I heard my six year old instructing his sisters on cleaning. Quite sternly he said, “Make sure you stuff everything into the closet nicely.” See. What a valuable lesson.

Not only have they learned to stuff everything in the closet, but they have learned to do so in a nice manner. What better a lesson to have our children learn?

And to think we would have missed this lesson had I not asked them to clean on Easter Sunday.

I have only one question. Would this qualify as simple living? After all, it was "simply" easier to put everything in the closet instead of where it actually goes...

Next: How to stuff things nicely under the bed.

Stay tuned.



Cynthia said...

LOL.. that's one thing we don't do on holidays... clean (LOL)! The few holidays we get are spent relaxing since every other day is go go go ... I took a THREE HOUR NAP!

Anonymous said...

And *you guys* are supposedly the bad influence on *US*? Ha! We perfected the art of stuffing things places years ago. Look who just caught up!
(Have you seen my skill at putting things from 15 years ago in the same box as things from yesterday and mail that needs to go out tomorrow? Or was it next week...?)
In fact, we're so good at stuffing things, we moved on to the next step which is appropriately called "Why bother stuffing at all, it only creates more work later..just leave it out!"
You really should come over more often Dear!!! ~ your crazy, easily influenced neighbor

Autumn said...

Well if that makes you a mean mommy then I am a monster!

We should start a club ;)

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

Perhaps we should start a club. We could call it, "Mean Mommies Who Aren't Anonymous".

My neighbor (who IS apparently anonymous at this moment)...I like your philosophy, but not for the kid's rooms. They must be cleaner than us! :-)