Solar a Grasshopper?

This month we’re studying electricity and energy conservation. That study has led us to taking one day a week for the month of April and declaring it an off-grid day. In other words, we have utilize almost no electricity on those days.

In doing some searching for info on solar power, I came across this blog where they talk about this nifty gadget; a solar-powered grasshopper. What a FANTASTIC way to teach kids first-hand about solar power.

I mean we could go completely off-grid utilizing a grid-tied solar system NOW and use THAT to teach them about solar power. We could also get this gadget which is probably WAY more educational and all that jazz.

Really, though, where would the fun be in that?

I mean…come ON! NOTHING says fun like a grasshopper powered by the sun!

I will be purchasing this little creature tomorrow.

Honestly, I’m most interested in seeing how my cat reacts to it. Because you KNOW my children will put it RIGHT in front of her to see what she’ll do with it.



Ann said...

Hope it's fun!! My girls are still playing with ours everyday...experimenting with where and how to make it work. :) Have fun!

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

We're excited to get to start trying it! It's been way too cloudy here lately to give it a go.

Mine are excited to get to show their cousins how it works this summer too.

Thanks for the idea!