Thank you!

I would like to thank everyone who gave me their thoughts and advice regarding our foreign language delima.

I am compiling all of the suggestions I received via facebook, twitter, this blog, and e-mail. We'll decide from there what to do.

We do know that we will also be teaching Latin this coming fall. We were planning using Prima Latina, but have heard great things from several people regarding the Latin Road to Grammar. We are now looking into that as well.

We don't plan on doing anything heavily language-wise right now, but my two girls are requesting furthur instruction in a language besides Latin. I've never been one to tell my children they can't learn something if they have the desire. So regardless of what we choose, we WILL choose something by this fall.

Thanks again! Your help was much needed and is much appreciated!



Cynthia said...

We used the Latin Road to English grammar with our oldest dd, but it was a little too teacher intensive for me and eventually we had to give it up because I couldn't keep up with all the other things I was trying to do/teach. If you have the time to work it though, I do think it's a really great way to learn latin.

Anonymous said...

Hey Amy, don't forget the non-curriculum resources. I do have a physician in the immediate family who took Latin all through school/college and loves to share with others!
(he was the one who encouraged me to take Latin in school - it ended up being one of the few things I did in high school where I actually felt I was learning something least among the handful of things I did that I'm willing to admit to on the internet...LOL)
~ your crazy neighbor who is right now typing this on said physician's (cottage) &$%#@! dial-up - god's little joke on me this week ;)