We're Off Grid Again

It’s Friday which means that we’re off-grid again! We had fun last week…and a bit of a snag in our plans as well. In fact, something quite tragic almost happened as a result of us being off-grid.

I’ve told you about my girls’ night out before. We’re moms with lots of kids whom we homeschool…some (ahem…) have a LOT more than the rest of us. Anyway, this means that we are rarely able to perfectly plan our nights out in advance. Usually, one figures it’s time for us to have another and contacts the others. If everyone is free that night or the next, then it’s a go.

The problem came when I wasn’t on my e-mail…AND didn’t have my cell phone on. That evening, I turned my phone on & checked my messages. While doing so, I heard that we were having a girl’s night out and since everyone else could make it they were going ahead with it…would I PLEASE call them and tell them I’m coming…and there would be chocolate.

CHOCOLATE! If you don’t know by now, EVERY woman has an affinity for chocolate. If your wife says otherwise, she’s lying. She loves chocolate. If she’s having a bad day, buy her chocolate…she’ll feel better. I promise! I think it might even be in the Bible somewhere.

I’m telling you, I have NEVER gathered my family together to get out the door so quickly before in my life. This was an EMERGENCY! Chocolate was involved!

My husband quickly got me to the chocolate house…I mean my friend’s house…and then proceeded home with the kids. I only missed 30 minutes of our night out (and chocolate) and got to play with a baby & change a cloth-diapered butt to boot! (The butt was the baby’s…just for anyone wondering.)

Despite the almost tragic results of last week’s off-grid day, we are attempting another today.

I’ve already called my friends and have been ensured that NO chocolate will be missed today! They also have STRICT instructions to deliver any such invites directly to my house should they not be able to get ahold of me in the future. (We all live down the street or around the corner from each other so I’m not asking for the world here!)

For those wondering, I wrote this blog last night. I’m really NOT on the grid today! We have unplugged EVERYTHING in our house that uses power except our fridge, our freezer, and our stove. We are drinking what we have in the fridge, and we are utilizing the bathroom and kitchen sinks for washing our hands only. We are saving our shower water for flushing the toilet. We’re not totally and completely off-grid, but we’re as much as you can be without truly being completely off-grid.



mary grace said...

Just coming out of lurkdom to wish you a very blessed Easter! Your blog has played a part in a work that God has been doing in my heart lately. I'll be posting about it soon ... but I wanted to thank you *now*. :-)

Cynthia said...

I'm so impressed. GOOD JOB!

Shari Lyle-Soffe said...

I think I could move mountains for the promise of chocolate. Glad you made it.


Thoughts of THAT mom said...

Mary Grace-Thanks for your kind words. I'm looking forward to hearing more about what God has been doing in your life. (And don't thank me...thank HIM...anything you got from this blog was ALL Him! I just share life and my heart.)

Shari-So could I. I'm glad I made it too. Don't know that I'd have been back to blog if I'd have missed the chocolate. LOL

Cynthia-Thanks! We're hoping to have some sun soon so we can test solar power!