The Age to Be?

What is the "age to be"? I fully recognized that I was the odd-man out in high school. All of my friends wanted to be 21. That was the "age to be" because it was then that you could legally drink. Although we all know that they still drank. But I digress...

Because I had an alcoholic father, I didn't care to drink...ever. And I still don't. However, I couldn't wait until I was 18. At 18, I could vote. I know. I'm a total nerd. As if you haven't figured out by my blog already, I'm kinda interested in politics. Always have been.

Forget 21, though. Forget 18!

Today, my 8yr old declared, "10 year olds get to do EVERYTHING!!!" This, after her sister got to do something because she's 10.

Right, sweetie. Talk to me when you're 14 and your sister is 16. We'll see how much being 10...or even 14...does for you then...


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