Broken Heart

My heart is broken. I just found out that a dear, long-time friend of ours has made a heart-wrenching decision.

He says he no longer believes in God.

I know not everyone is a believer. When someone who WAS a believer says they no longer are. That''s just different.

What do you say? How do you handle this? Lord Jesus, he knows your word. Please bring him back.



Amanda said...

I don't have an answer, but I do understand the question and that confusion. I had a really close friend once, a guy who belonged to this amazing indie Christian band, a guy who could show you things in God's word that would blow your mind and introduce you to aspects of His amazing character that you never imagined. Anyway, years pass, we move to different states, we each get married, life goes on. He finds me on MySpace and we reconnect, and it was then I find out he no longer believes. I couldn't even understand how that could be possible -- particularly considering the life he led and the things he knew.

I don't know if it's as much that these guys no longer believe, as much as it is that they don't know how to reconcile what they believe to the hardships of life. It's much easier to say you've abandoned your system of beliefs than to meet with God in a wrestling ring. Regardless of what the situation truly is, it's most heartbreaking.

mary grace said...

I have unfortunately BTDT, and ohhh ... I wish I knew the answers.

NightAire said...

It is truly tragic, because you have to believe the weeds obscured his view of The Rose.

I won't stop praying for your friend! God can reveal himself in ways His creation can't.