Ever felt like this?

I have. A lot. Far too many times to count. I had a broken childhood and thought that everything would be different when I got married. In a way, they are. They are now different issues being approached from a different perspective.

I'd like to encourage you. If you are going through anything, or if you have hand are still healing, know that you are NOT alone. I can guarantee you that if I don't understand, then someone else out there does. I'll say it again. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!

I kno wthat for me that was so important. I know God is always with us, but I'm not talking about that. I mean there is another human being currently on this earth who understands.

Need to talk? Create an anonymous twitter or blog. I've done both. No, they're not connected to this blog or me in any way. So don't bother trying to look. You won't find me...until and unless I'm ready. When (if) I ever am, I promise you'll be among the first to know. I pray you'll be patient and understanding.

Yes. I have secrets...and that's okay. God has put in my path incredible people to help me. He showed me that I'm not alone when I most needed to know.

There are days still when He's holding me up. There are days when He sends a friend to help hold me up. There are days when I don't stand at all, but still make it through the day, by His grace.

No, also, there are days when I help hold someone else up. Let me tell you, THAT has done more to help ME heal than I could have ever imagined.

Please, just know, if you're broken today...whatever the are not alone. Trust me. I know. I have been where I never thought I'd be, and I'm here blog about it. And that helps me. That gives me life. It helps me stand.

Thank you for your part...for hearing my heart.


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