So. Here's the deal: I'm a total goof. No really. I am. Trust me. I'll even prove it to you.

The long story short is that we have 2 laptops. Several months ago mine (the Toshiba) started smoking. We figured this probably wasn't a good thing & had it looked at and taken care of. In the meantime, all of my work from the Toshiba was backed to a flash drive so I copied that info to my husband's computer (the HP) and began working off of that.

When the Toshiba got back, I was already working on my husband's computer and actually liked it a bit better than mine. (Mine had been quirky since the hard drive crashed 11 months after I first bought it...and it WASN'T covered by the not-so-lovely people at Toshiba.) As a result, I just kept working on my husband's computer. We don't have wireless set up at our house so we really couldn't ever use both computers at the same time anyway. If I wasn't using it, my hubby did & vice-versa. (We had only purchased the 2nd computer because I refused to let my computer go with him to Guatemala last summer.)

Anyway. Months go by and neither of us has used the Toshiba. Did I mention that we password-protect both of our computers? If they are turned off, go to sleep, or are put into hibernation, they automatically require a password before you can get back in.

I'm sure you can see where this is going, right? My husband's computer starts to shut off after only 2-15 minutes of being on. No problem, I think. We'll just start using the Toshiba until we can get this one fixed. I prayed for enough time on hubby's computer to save all of my most current pics & documents as well as the kid's schoolwork to my flash drive. I was given that. Praise God!

Then...I try to log on to the Toshiba...and realize I don't remember the password. I had even given myself an incredibly unhelpful password hint. It's useless. You see, I've slept...a LOT...since I last used this computer.

There is a program I found that will decode it for you and another that will erase all passwords on the computer. I thought I had found my solution, but can't get my husband's computer to stay on for the 10minutes it takes the program to download onto his computer; let alone burn the image of the program to the disk. (I'm not sure exactly what it means to burn an IMAGE of a program, but that's apparently what you have to do with this program.) Both programs are free, but completely useless if you can't download them! Not only do I not know the password, but I can't get onto hubby's computer long-enough to download the software I need to decode or erase my password. UUGH!

And no...I can't use the computer I'm currently on to download the software either. It's my husband's work computer that won't allow downloads of that kind. I already tried! It's why I'm here! :-)

My next plan? Beg a neighbor to let me use one of their computers to download the software so I can crack my own password. All 3 of those wonderful, kind, caring, giving, loving, generous, and beautiful women read this blog. Think they'll get the hint? You're right. I better offer them some chocolate, too. Please? Pretty please?

Thank you everyone for your kind words and prayers as we deal with a sick computer and my forgetfulness.


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NightAire said...

We've got three computers here, you're free to use any of them any time you want to come o....

...Oh, wait. You're still in...