Happy Mother's Day!

I was treated this morning to breakfast in bed...made by my 10yr old. She made me peanut butter toast and fruit kabobs with kiwi, pineapple, and frozen bananas. Rumor has it that she had help cutting the pineapple. :-)

She wanted to make me a smoothie (a breakfast favorite for me), but Daddy wouldn't let her use my smoothie maker. (He won't touch "my" appliances for fear he'll break them.) Fine with long as he's still willing to wash the dishes. (He is.)

My husband is doing some laundry for me today, and he and the kids helped me cut coupons. (I was a bit behind in cutting.) What more could a mom ask for? (Except maybe some chocolate...hint, hint...)

In typical rebel style (cause that's SO us), no cards were purchased, no flowers delivered, and no dinners out had for this mass-market holiday. And that's the way we like it!

Hope your Mother's Day is awesome!


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Laura K. said...

I'm glad you were treated so well! I agree, homemade items and acts of service are definitely the best gifts. And, dave Ramsey would be proud... ;)