My Computer Needs Redemption!

Just wanted to let my faithful blog readers know that my computer is evil. At least it is for the moment. What that means in my world is that it's not currently working.

Prayers for it to work long enough for me to get the last month's worth of work off would be AWESOME! Prayers that it would not be flung out the window in a fit of rage should that not happen would also be beneficial. (At least for the computer.)

If I'm not seen or heard from for a bit, I'm fine...I'm just doing time for having beaten my computer and will be back when my time is finished or my computer is fixed; whichever comes first.



Luke Holzmann said...

Lord, I ask that You will provide for Amy in this computer situation. Help her get it repaired or provide for it to be replaced. Amen.


Cynthia said...

AHHHH.... computers GREAT when they work right.... an huge annoyance when they don't..... makes one think it just might be faster to do things by hand (LOL)... I've actually started doing some of my spreadsheets the good old fashioned way (LOL) again... it's just simpler that way. Now, we have a business and I couldn't do all of that bookwork without our computers and software, but STILL... .. hope yours is repaired soon.