The Skittle

Ever had one of those moments where you felt like you might be going crazy? Like, for example, you can't remember the password to your computer? Or, for example, you start to worry because the check-engine light in your car is no longer on. I actually had several people laugh at me. Thankfully, some kind friends on Facebook reassurred me that they had also had this happen...and also worried.

The thing is, the check-engine light has been on in our car for THREE years!!! It had become the norm. We've been to three different mechanics in three different states in that three year time-period. Two of those three mechanics had cleared the check-engine light for us, but it was back on again a week after they fixed our car. (They hadn't fixed what the light was for...they just turned it off.) We'd been told by all three mechanics that it's not uncommon for cars this old to have the light on almost all the time.

I'm mentioned before how we love our car. It now has almost 252,000 miles on it and we are very blessed that it is still running as well as it is and has needed as little repair as it has. We've come to know the quirks of our car. The passenger-side front windown doesn't roll down; neither does the back window on the opposite side. The driver's side automatic door-lock will unlock all of the doors, but won't lock any of them. We can have either rear heat or rear air, but not both. (At least not without a $300 part.) When we lived in Oklahoma, we choose air. In Michigan, we have chosen heat. Our mechanic has graciously offered to switch it for us for free. We don't do it more often because we don't want to fix what isn't broken...well it is...but you know what I mean. In the winter, we can't open the driver's side door. If we do, it will not shut and we'll be driving on snow, in -25 degree weather while holding the driver's side door closed. These are not bad things. They're quirks. They're what make our car; our car. That, and the fact that it is skittle purple and, therefore, quite unlike most other cars on the road.

One of those quirks is that the check-engine light is one. It just is. Because it is. And has been for 3 years. As a result, when it suddenly went OFF, I became worried. I actually called our mechanic to see if he should check our car to make sure it was okay. You know, because the check-engine light was no longer on. Trying to explain to me that it's not supposed to be on and isn't on in most "normal" cars went right over my head. It IS supposed to be on in THIS car because it has been for 3 years. So would he please take a look at our car. He begrudgingly agreed...while his wife (a good friend) laughed at me in the background. I felt deeply loved. And cried myself to sleep...while worrying about my car...because the check-engine light is no longer on.


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Amanda said...

I think at over 200,000 miles, the check engine light is less of a suggestion to check for problems, but more of a "Check this engine out -- it's still running!" I would have been worried, too.