Want to See My Future?

Unlike my husband who got an empty fortune cookie at a Chinese restaurant 2 weeks ago, I actually have a future. I'm really excited about it, too.

Want to see it?
So...What do you think?
I'm REALLY excited! It's about time! And for $49, you can't beat the price!


Bill said...

Amy, Very nice. I am glad for you. That is a great price.

Love You


Amanda said...

I have the exact same phone and I LOVE it! It was an upgrade (in every way) from the Palm Treo. That cute little Blackberry has an excellent browser, easy access to Facebook, and a whole host of downloadable goodies. Enjoy!

Also, $49 is a FANTASTIC price! The phone retails for nearly $600, so you're getting an unbelievable deal.

all in the family said...

BWHA! That is the SAME phone I have. You will love it. Takes time to get used to. First thing I did was download my FB app and my pandora app (yep there IS one).