Warrant Issued for Mom's Arrest...

...because her son has refused chemo and she and her husband are supporting his decision. You can read more here.

Anyone who reads my blog knows that I am a STAUNCH supporter of parental rights.

I also STRONGLY believe that those rights extend to being able to dictate your child's healthcare (or lack thereof). We were initialy delayed vax parents. However, after years of being unable to obtain the separate serum vaccinations that would be best for our children, we have unofficially become non-vaxing parents. I reserve the right to refuse vaccinations for my children. When they are adults and have stronger immune systems then they can decide for themselves whether they want to receive those vaccinations or not.

I believe parents also have the right to choose alternative healthcare for their children if they deem it necessary (or better than "traditional" treatments) after research.

Certainly even if one doesn't believe in parental rights, then they believe in the rights of the child...right? That's what many in leadership are fighting for as they push for ratification of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. They claim that the child has more rights than the parent and should get to dictate what they do and don't do with their lives whether their parents agree or not.

So...going on THAT horrendous argument for a minute...this child (of 13) is wanting to refuse the chemo for HIMSELF and instead elect to have alternative treatments. Therefore, he should get what he wants because he's the child and he has rights.

In other words, whether you support parent's rights or children's rights, you should support the decision being made jointly by the son and his parents to refuse chemo.

Note, they are NOT refusing treatments, they are merely choosing an alternative treatment. Could it have side effects? Yes...as any treatment (ESPECIALLY chemo) could and does. Could it work? Yes. An alternative treatment might work as well as or better than chemo. Could it fail? ABSOLUTELY!!! As could chemo, radiation, bone marrow transplants, etc. ANY treatment could work or fail based on the body of the person receiving the treatment and any other underlying conditions they may have.

Chemo as a treatment is a CHOICE!!! Just as any other treatment is. No child or parent should be forced to obtain a treatment because a doctor, social worker, or judge feels they should obtain a certain treatment!

This is a DANGEROUS road that we do NOT want to go down!



Luke Holzmann said...


I'd be interesting in how this family ended up in court in the first place. What got them there that a judge got involved at all?

And how would play out if the family didn't have insurance and money to pay for the expensive hospital bills?

This whole thing sounds fishy... and smells about the same.


homeschoolmom said...

i've been hearing about this on our local news. and i've read some of the related articles on the star tribune's website too.

basically, the boy had one chemo treatment for his cancer and then he and his family decided to use alternative treatments instead. and the doctors turned them in to social services saying they are neglecting his healthcare.

and evidently here in minnesota we don't have any real rights regarding the medical care and treatment of our kids...especially once social services steps in.

this family has gone to court to fight for their right to care for their son the way they believe is best. {personally, i disagree with their choice, but i do believe it should be their decision--not the court's.} they claim that chemo is against their religious beliefs. but even that argument is useless because MN has a law that gives the state (in this case the judge) the right to decide what is best treatment for a child.

even more disturbing is that the family evidently home-schools and all the publicity has put home-schooling, in general, in a very negative light. according to a star trib article, this 13-yr old boy can't read. and, of course, they really make it sound like it's all because he's home-schooled. oh please. whatever that family's problems are, please don't put all home-schoolers in the same boat of negativity.

just felt like adding my two cents! thanks!

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

Luke-I had some of those same questions. I haven't done enough research to get the actual answers, but I have heard the rumors. Those are that the doctors filed complaints with CPS because the son wanted to refuse chemo & his parents supported his decision.

You're right. It does sound fishy. It also sounds like someone (the authorities) have put themselves where they don't belong.

Homeschoolmom-You DO have rights to your children's care. They are dictated by the Constitution. However, your state (& others) don't appear to care about that little piece of paper.

I noticed that little bit about him not being able to read. I didn't highlight that because I found it so unbelievable; homeschooled or not. I had not yet heard myself that they were homeschooled, but it's not surprising. (You'd be hard-pressed to find a family with that many children and beliefs such as theirs that don't homeschool. I know they're out there, but they're not the norm.)

Thank you both for your input.