Husbands...and Mowing the Lawn

My husband was jumping for joy today. Our 10yr old ASKED if she could learn how to mow the law! Ecstatic doesn't even BEGIN to describe how he was feeling!

He gladly took her out there to teach her having visions of getting rid of this chore temporarily much sooner than he had initially thought (when our son was 10-12...he JUST turned 7).

Our daughter does a phenemonal job.

Then. We find the catch.

She seems to have learned that there are teens who go around mowing lawns for money. They get about $30/lawn.

She wanted her money.

Gary told her she'd get MAYBE $5...once she was actually doing ALL of it. IF she wanted to. (Nothing forced about it for her. He's got issues with women mowing the lawn. Has chastised me before for mowing the lawn. In love, of course. Because that's not a woman's job.)

All our daughter heard was that she could earn $5/week for mowing the lawn. That's $20-$25/mth. She's hooked. She plans to rake this fall.

Think we're going to stop her?

Nope. And neither are our neighbors. She's cheap!



Cynthia said...

Don't you LOVE having kids to mow the lawn. I haven't had to do that for a good 10 years or more now. And, our youngest is only 6 so I shouldn't have to mow for at least another 10 years (LOL)!

Kim :) said...

I love mowing the lawn because I get a 45 minute "torture" break from doing house chores. Oh, did I say torture, I meant to say Exercise. :) Boy how I wish our self-propelled option worked on that thing!