My 10 Year Old Adult

And that would be MY daughter!

The one who has my stubborn, hard-headedness. (We're so bad, we are both stubborn AND hard-headed.)

She's quite independent, thankyouverymuch! (Even more so now that she's in the double-digits.)

She doesn't need or want anyone else to tell her what to do. Nope. She can control things just fine!

I am well aware that our greatest weaknesses can also be our greatest strengths. Getting them to actually be that when you are the exact same way as your daughter...can be a bit of a challenge.

Lord, I ask you to please give me the strength I need to NOT be so hard-headed and to remember that her weakness IS a good thing and is also her strength. Help me to remember that I struggled just as she is now, and still do so even today. Help her to see that this can be one of her greatest strengths, if she will surrender it to you and your will. Show her as you often remind me that being in control is just a false security. We have no control. Everything is in Your hands.

I know the struggle to be selfish when you're strong-willed and like to be in control. I know oh so well the desire to control everyone and everything around you. After all if you're in control, then what can go wrong? Go ahead. Laugh. I often laugh at myself when I see my attempts at control gone sorely astray. Like, for instance, my attempt to keep my 10yr old in line...HA! Like I have a chance!

My prayer for her is that she will surrender her will and her life to Christ. I pray that she will come to know Him more closely than I could ever imagine. Then, and only then, will her weaknesses become her strengths. Only then can they be used by God.

In case you haven't figured it out by now, we're having some struggles with our 10yr old right now. She's not running off the deep end or anything; she just thinks she knows better than us. Because she's 10. And she's smart. And she just DOES. (Know better than us, that is.) Plus, she figures with HER in control, nothing can go wrong. And oh have I been there before!


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