The Struggle For Nouns

My husband and I have known each other for 14 years now and have been married for 12 of those. It has taken time, but for the most part he now understands my "verbage"...or serious lack thereof.

Here's a common conversation in our house:

Me: Honey, would you please hand me that thingy? (As I nonchantantly point to a nefarious "something" off in the distance "somewhere".)

DH: What "thingy"?

Me: The one over there, by the the blue thing with the white stuff on it. (Again...pointing.)

DH: Where is it?

Me: Over THERE! (As I point quite adamantly in the general direction of where this thing is.)

DH: (Looking around at something in the general direction of where I'm pointing.) This? (As he picks up something random attempting to figure out what it is I am actually talking about.)

Me: Honey! Please? It's the by the blue thing...with the white stuff on it. UUGH! Why do nouns escape me when I have a migraine?

DH: Just when you have a migraine? (As he fakes a duck insinuating that I might throw something at him. Believe me. I'm tempted.) (He continues to randomly pick things up that are by the blue thing with the white stuff on it which he has, by now, identified. If only I could be so descriptive about what I actually am wanting.)

Me: Honey...You're RIGHT by it. To your right. That thingy. The green thing. There! That's it! Thank you! (As he tosses whatever "that" was over to me.)

DH: Sure. Why couldn't you just say WHAT it was?

Me: Why? Because I carried 3 of your children in my belly and the mere act of having them in my belly took away my brain which I have yet to get back.

DH: Laughs at me. (again)

When I say this is common, I'm not kidding. Thankfully, it's now an ongoing joke in our family. I figure as long as the family is laughing about it, then it can't be too bad. Right?

Please. Don't destroy my false perceptions.

I need them.

Just as badly as I need that "thingy" over "there" by that "whatchmacallit" with the "stuff" on it.


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Hey... I'm one of Gary's friends from high school... you know... "Doug and Carrie" Cari. Anyway, I just checked out your blog. I had to respond... I personally call it "Mommy Brain" and claim very emphatically that my kids sucked my brains right out of my boobs!

Nice to meet you...