Therapy at BlogHer?

After a very long weekend, I am finally back home from BlogHer. I’d have checked in here sooner, but I had NO INTERNET. At a conference. For bloggers. Yeah. It was crummy.
I took yesterday to recover and spend time with my family. Today, I’m playing Pizza Palace non-stop researching, writing, and getting back into the swing of things. I expect this will be a busy week as we start back to school again tomorrow after almost a full month off.
The conference was awesome! I met a ton of great people, had fantastic roomies (Heather & Meg…my little piece of Oklahoma). Meg, I would like to now officially apologize for grabbing your legs and begging you to take me with you as you were leaving to go back to Tulsa. It was kind of you to nicely kick me off instead of just dragging me through the terminal. Please understand. It’s just that I miss Oklahoma. And this weekend YOU were Oklahoma…at least to me.
I also picked up more junk that I know what to do with some great swag! Oh the swag. There are truly no words to describe BlogHer swag to someone who loves freebies. It was almost overwhelming. Like had so much it filled an entire queen bed and began sliding down creating a “swagalanche” overwhelming. Not that I’m complaining.
We got to see a little of Chicago on Sunday and I finally met a long-time online friend. Finally. I also had my first-ever real Chicago pizza. We went to Giordano’s. Oh. My. Gosh. It was awesome! I was honestly afraid I wouldn’t like Chicago-style pizza. Maybe it was because we were at one of the best places in Chicago, but I loved the pizza! I want more!
The most surprising parts of the conference, were to be had in the elevator. Who’da thunk? (I think I just created a new word.) I wandered into an elevator wondering what the women coming off were laughing & yelling about. I soon found out…on my shoe. My roommates debated kicking my vomit-covered self (okay…just the bottom of my shoe) out for the night, but they gave in & let me sleep in the room.
I think they only agreed to let me stay because they knew I’d recently seen a psychotherapist. Against my will. In the elevator. She graciously treated me to a free session. Against my will. In the elevator. In said session, she educated me on the evils of blogging. At a blogging conference. In the elevator. Apparently, my blogging will cause harm to come to myself or my loved ones. Was that a threat? A promise? Studies will be out soon to prove her thoughts. I hope they aren’t studies done after SHE’S stalked us, killed us, and buried us all in the sand-pool. Perhaps there’s a reason “psycho” goes before her title? I’m just sayin’. ‘Cause who gives unwanted free sessions…In an ELEVATOR! All I can say is I’ve NEVER been more happy to see my floor. Even if it wasn’t my floor. Just the first one the elevator stopped at. So I could get out of my therapy session. In the elevator.
My absolute favorite part of the entire conference, however, was when my husband called me and I answered the phone with, “Hi, Sexy”…and was met with my oldest daughter’s voice. Lovely. Stellar parent? Yeah. That’d be me. Yet another reason why we are saving to pay for our children’s future counseling.
It’s good to be back! Hope your weekend was as good as mine!


Heather said...

What great memories. Can't wait to do it again next year!

Oh, and it looks like our family will also be spending some time in Oklahoma over the holidays this year. We're planning a trip to see Meg between Christmas and New Year's!

Cynthia said...

Sounds like pretty poor planning on the part of whoever organized the convention. I agree.. no internet for a blogging convention. That sounds unbelievable (LOL)!