BlogHer is in ONE MORE DAY!!!

And I'm really excited! I'm packed. The kids are packed (for a day at their friend's house while Daddy works).

I took care of some basics like getting convenience foods my 10yr old can "cook" so my children won't live on cereal for 3 days. (Not that my husband would ever do that.)

And I'll give you one more sneak peak at my wardrobe before I leave. It had been 3 years since I last bought white sandals. I still love my old sandals, but...they're old. So I finally replaced them. I did go to a non-thrift store to do so, but found some fantastic white sandals on clearance. (Did you expect anything less.)

What do you think?



Anonymous said...

wow - i never knew you had such beautiful feet!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thoughts of THAT mom said...

Why thank you, mam...or sir?


Cynthia said...

CUTE! I think I need some new white sandals as well.