I've gotten e-mails and messages from several of you wondering WHAT on earth "BlogHer" is. And when the people demand, who am I to let them down? Your wish, is my command. Okay. Enough with the cheesy cliches.

BlogHer is a group of women bloggers. Once a year we get together in a MAJOR party blog fest. We abandon our families completely leave our family well taken care of for four days.

Before we leave, we engage in shady activities such as shoe porn. No. This isn't really porn. Of any kind. It's just girls posting the shoes they'll be wearing at BlogHer. But that doesn't sound as fun now does it?

Many women stress out about what they'll wear. For some, it's because they don't like the way they look. For others, like me, it's because we have nothing acceptable to wear in public when we don't have children with us to blame for the way we look. And/or we're mildly uncomfortable about having approximately 1500 cameras rolling 24/7 while they're in said clothes that have been blessed by children. Wearing them is one thing. Being caught on camera wearing them so that you can't later deny you did so is another altogether.

At BlogHer, we learn nifty new things about how to make our blogs spiffier (is that a word?). We also go to parties (like one or two...at least) after the conference is done each day. At those parties (and during the conference, and before the conference, and after the conference, and anywhere inbetween) sponsors try to sweet talk us into trying their products. They do so by presenting us with swag! LOTS of swag! And we LIKE IT! We like swag VERY much!

And thus is my summary of BlogHer.

If you're tired of hearing about it, the good news is that you'll only have to put up with it for another week or so. And then I'll have gone and I'll be back. Until then, you might hear about it a couple more times. Please bear with me; and then we'll be back to our regularly scheduled program. (Which includes a line-by-line anaylsis of the healthcare plan. You up for it? I'm almost done!)


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