No Longer Naked at BlogHer

I know it's probably getting old for some of you, but I'm going to talk about BlogHer...yet AGAIN. Please understand, I'm not trying to bore you. It just is my life right now. Fair warning, though, if you're a guy reading, you probably don't care to read furthur. Unless, of course, you'd like to know the pain and struggle your wife goes through EVERY TIME she tries to find clothes in which she will look presentable. (We're not talking model-hot here. We're talking non-stained, decently fit clothes. Our standards aren't too high after having kids spit up on every piece of clothing we own.)

Trying to get ready for a conference where approximately 1500 people will have still or video cameras rolling literally 24 hours a day is a bit daunting. (That's not a typo. I said and meant 24 hours a day. Past pictures are proof that you're not even safe when you're sleeping. Talk about PRESSURE!)

The pressure mounts when one considers that I weigh 3 kids more than I used to. Add to that my serious lack of non-stained clothing, and you've got a problem.

Thankfully, after many trips to practically ever thrift & consignment store in the area, Target, & some friend's houses to raid their closets, I believe I now have sufficient clothes to wear. I will no longer be naked at BlogHer. This is good news; especially for the other attendees...and anyone else in the general vicinity of BlogHer...and the public in general.

I don't yet have anything to hold the "girls" in while wearing a spaghetti-strap dress, but I've not given up yet. I knew my search would be hard, but didn't expect the lady at Victoria's Secret to tell me they don't make strapless bras for women with boobs my size. Folks, I'm not huge, I just weigh 3 kids more than I used to. And I'd like a bra to wear that isn't so small I can't breath for the 2 hours I wear it; like my current strapless...which was from my pre-kid and (most importantly), my pre-NURSING days.

I just have to decide WHICH of those clothes I will be wearing in my sleep. 'Cause my Tweeties are also stained and have holes. And my other "jammies"? Let's just say I'm not wearing THOSE in public! ("Tweeties" are my jammies which have Tweety bird on them and are called my "tweeties" by my children who gave me said jammies.)

I now firmly believe, however, that regardless of WHAT I find to wear, I will be FULLY clothed at BlogHer. You have NO IDEA how much of a relief this is.

Want a sneak peek? I found this dress at Target.

I love this style of dress. It doesn't look completely hideous on me. I'll give you more sneak peeks in the coming days. (Disclaimer: No. That is so totally NOT me in the pic above. It is, most definitely, a woman who has NEVER had children naturally.)


Cynthia said...

I LOVE shopping at Target although I don't usually find many clothes there.

Tara @ Feels Like Home said...

I have two words for you regarding your strapless bra dilemma: bra extenders. You can get them at most any fabric store and at some JC Penny's and even at Target. Then you won't need a new bra. :)

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

Oh. My. Gosh. You are like totally my new best friend!

Why has no one told me this before? I'm so going out to buy some today! YEAH!

You have breathed new life into me! (Or at least into my boobs.)