Figure it Out! I Just Want to Drive!

This is an archived blog I wrote on my old site on July 18, 2007; shortly after we moved to Michigan.

Today, I call our "Michigan U-Turns" the 8th wonder of the world! I have also since discovered that there is an apparent logic to the Michigan U-Turn. Despite this "logic", there are still many days when I just shake my head as I waste gas going PAST my destination to make a U-turn and go back around to where I already was in the first place.

And the walk down memory lane begins:

I don't get it! All I want to do here in Michigan is drive in a peaceful manner. Is that too much to ask? Evidently it is. I can't figure out where I can and cannot turn left. Here you can turn left, here you CAN'T turn left, here you will DIE if you even THINK about turning left. Here you MUST make a u-turn, here you can try to make a u-turn, here you will be arrested for even thinking about making a u-turn. HUH? I give up.

I'm just going to sit in my house all day and....I was going to say unpack but I think I'd rather figure out the driving laws of Michigan than I would commit to unpacking every minute of every day. Seriously, though. Who created the driving rules in this state. I truly don't get it. They make no sense.

Obviously, the person in charge of "urban" planning and development for the city of Holland did NOT go to MIT. Had they done so, I feel certain they would have come up with a MUCH better plan than the one currently in place.

I want to know if driving is this way in the entire state of Michigan or if Holland is just a unique place? I have no other compliants. I just can't figure out why I have to turn right to turn left. It just makes no sense. Yahoo maps had enough problems without the city of Holland helping it out. Google maps is telling me to swim across an ocean to get from New York to London. THAT seems more logical than driving in Holland.

Perhaps it's because they're turned around from the start? Maybe they think they should be in the Netherlands and they're trying to get back? I can guarantee this is NOT the way to accomplish that task. I'm not even sure you can get from one end of the city to the other with the way they planned this city. If one does, it is by pure accident...or because you happened upon Lake Michigan and decided to swim the rest of the way there.

I now understand why, when we called AAA upon our first visit to Holland, we were told by them that the street we were on didn't exist. Perhaps on a logical map, it did not. However, on a Hollandish (is that a word?) map-it did.

I've GOT IT!!! I just figured it out! MIT sends their kids here to show them how NOT to design the traffic in a city. They couldn't do it to a huge town or even a town in the middle of somewhere so they chose Holland, a town on the edge of nowhere.

See, now I feel better. It has a purpose. I don't know what I'll do if I find out that the entire state of Michigan is this way...

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Jen@Scrapingirl said...

I hate our "Michigan lefts". And, don't get me started on the "round abouts." Who's the brains behind all these stupid roads????