Let's Talk Christmas

I know it’s only the last day of July, but if Hobby Lobby andother stores can begin putting their Christmas decorations up, then I can start talking Christmas. Frankly, I think now is a perfect time to start planning for this coming Christmas if you haven’t already done so. (Especially since many toys at Target are 75% off...RIGHT NOW!) This post will wait while you go shopping. Go ahead. It will be here when you get back. It's okay.

Did you enjoy shopping? Now back to this previously-scheduled post:
I usually start planning in January for the next Christmas so I can shop deals throughout the year to fulfill my Christmas list. Due to incredibly extenuating circumstances, that didn’t happen this year. So, for the first time EVER, I am nearing the end of summer and have just now begun to think about this coming Christmas. My husband needs to request time off, we need to figure out when that should actually be, I need to figure out who we have get to give gifts to, & figure out what gifts they’re going to get.
Truthfully, I’m not completely without ideas. I’ve been learning how to knit & crochet as well as getting back into sewing for the past year. As a result, I’ve got some things set aside that we will use as gifts. We’ve also been making homemade soap, homemade deodorant, & homemade laundry detergent. We’ve got a good bit of homemade gifts that we can fairly easily put together. We had a couple of things that we made with Christmas in mind, but we didn’t go much further from there.
Today, I actually began to make my list. What will we make? What will we buy? Who are we giving to? What about our kids? We always give a family gift which is a board or card game to add to our collection for Family Game Night. It’s a given now that my kids love. That’s the easy gift this year. I’ve got several to choose from thanks to Hasbro & BlogHer.
Now on to figure out the rest…
What about you? When do you start planning for Christmas? When do you start shopping? Are you done, or are you a last-minute “Is it really Christmas-Eve already?” shopper? What gifts are you giving this year?
What’s the “hot” gift? (Not that it matters to me personally. My children’s gifts are never the “hot” gift. Because I’m cheap that way.)
If you do homemade gifts, what kind of homemade gifts do you give?


Haley said...

Right now, I have only one child and he'll be two next month.

Usually, I buy little things I find good deals on throughout the year, and put them in storage until the holidays roll around.

KP said...

We always start planning for Christmas at LEAST by August. I do some of the shopping early fall but also purposely save some for December because my husband and I really love going out in the hustle and bustle of Tulsa to shop for our kids. We are big Christmas people, in general. Our friends tease us about the fact that we start planning so early but we don't think August is really early at all. Personally, I think December is far less expensive and stressful when you spread the spending out over multiple months rather than buying everything in December.

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

I actually love going out & shopping on Black Friday (if there's something on sale that we're looking for), but I just don't do the madness of the Christmas season if I don't need to.

You're much braver than me, KP!

Andrea said...

I LOVE homemade gifts!! My mom and I are making quilted bags and filling them with things for some people, and bigger bags for laptop computers for a few people. I am also a HUGE baker and chocolate maker for Christmas so everyone always gets a lot homemade goods that way. I am also a big black friday shopper. I plan my day to a T!!! I usually get everything I need for Christmas and save a ton also! I don't know what the "Hot" toy is but anything Princess in our house in IN!!