The Boy & The Pee

You've heard the story of The Princess and the Pea. This one's a little similar. Only it involves a boy. And pee. There are no mattresses or sleeping in this story. Thankfully, we're past that stage. For now.

So on to my boy & his pee.

I hear my boy is like many in that he waits until the absolute last minute to go pee. When I say "last-minute" I mean the "if he doesn't go right now he'll pee in his pants" last minute.

Last week, my son had such a moment, only he was 3 houses and across the street from ours. He didn't want to use the bathroom at his friend's house because his friend's mom requires them to wash their feet off before they go in the house. (We live in Dutch Holland (in Michigan) where it is a requirement to take off your shoes before walking into someone's house. We were chastised more than a time or two after we moved here for forgetting to do so.) He knew he didn't have that kind of time. His 7yr old mind apparently felt it better to attempt to run from his friend's house to our house...and quick...before he peed in his pants.

I heard him as he rushed in the house exclaim that he had to go pee. It was more of a warning to get out of the way if you were in the near vicinity of the bathroom rather than a proclamation.

Based on the aftermath of his peeing, here's what I can surmise happened: He ran in the door to give his warning. He then ran upstairs undoing his pants as he attempted to make it to the bathroom. He hit the door of the bathroom with his pants down & aimed towards the toliet; walking closer to the toliet as he peed. He then finished, flushed the toliet, washed his hands, & went back outside to play ignoring the storm he'd just unleashed on our bathroom.

About 10 minutes later, I walk into the bathroom and am met with a yellow puddle. The puddle starts about half-way between the door & the toliet & extends all the way to the toliet. And the toliet? The lid (which is up) is covered in pee. The seat (which is up) is covered in pee (on the bottom & the top). The rim is covered in pee. The sides of the toliet? Also covered in pee.

It was apparant that he had at least aimed for the toliet. Shall I give him points for that?

Up Next? The wisdom of the mom who taught her child to pee in the yard.



Luke Holzmann said...

[laughing] Yes, sometimes it is better to answer the call of nature out in nature...


Tonya said...

I guess my husband shouldn't have told our 14yo(!)to stop peeing off the back porch because he was killing the grass!

April said...

Very funny! Having two boys myself I can envision this perfectly!

Anonymous said...

I'm constantly cleaning our main potty. It's so frustrating! We do take our shoes off at the door and rinse our feet off if they've been barefoot outside. I just think of all of the bacteria that is on the floor of public restrooms. If we walk there, our shoes may look clean, but it's not the dirt I'm so worried about. It's the germs. We had a close call with "Mrsa" last year. I'm not taking chances. I'm interested in what you do to keep the kids mingled (wrong word) with other kids during homeschooling. I'll be starting in September and am looking for a place to let my kindergarten son play with others. Any ideas? We're in Zeeland. Thanks.