Why I'm Not Blogging

I'm just checking in. I hope you all understand my need for a sabbatical of sorts. I appreciate the kind words and e-mails I've received from many of you. Nothing is wrong, I'm just in what is typically my busiest time of the year.

I'm sure the perfect blogger would have already pre-written 30 posts to get through the month or would have guest bloggers every day. But as we all know, I am most definitely NOT much of anything (despite my desperate attempts to become so). If, however, someone would like to guest blog, I'd be open to that. Shoot me an e-mail at with your ideas if you're interested. I have like, 3 readers...on a good day...unless you don't count my husband, my MIL, & my I can give you incredible exposure!

Those of you who don't homeschool know how busy back-to-school time can be for you. Now, imagine that you're not only sending your kids BACK to school, but YOU are the school! For the first time ever this year, we took an extended break in the summer. As a result, I have really been scrambling to get everyone back on track while getting us organized for the upcoming year which promises to be a busy one with a couple of trips to Tulsa & one or two to Chicago to visit family.

I have been working on finishing my line-by-line on the health care legislation (HR 3200). Due to my busy month, it has taken a LOT longer than it usually does for me to do something like this...not to mention the fact that it's over a thousand pages long! I've been writing about it & splitting it into several different posts. I had the first one ready to post a couple days ago when Blogger pooped out on me & lost all of my changes. I was tired so I just gave up & went to bed.

Note to Blogger: I love that you are free, but Wordpress is also free...and they allow me to upload a word file to my blog & be good to go. If you don't change this & quick, then you're going to lose me. I can also utilize the Wordpress platform & all of their many add-ons on my own server. Seriously, you need to update quick! 'Cause a lot of us are leaving you behind and not looking back. Yeah. I said us...I'm about to join the ranks! 'Cause I just don't have time for messing with your issues any more!

Anyway...back to the point of my blog. I will be getting at least the first one posted in the next couple of days. (Likely Sunday after we get back from camping this weekend.)

To help me focus more specifically on what people want answered, feel free to e-mail me at or comment here about what you want to know regarding the health care legislation. Is there a specific rumor you want debunked or proven? A specific section you'd like someone to analyze for you? If I can't find the answer, I'll use the powers at my fingertips (i.e.-Twitter & Facebook) to attempt to find the answer.


CharityVL said...

I just found you through Twitter. Not too many other Hollanders on Twitter! Amazing that you are reading through the health care legislation. Good for you. I am concerned about it because I have 2 daughters that see specialists and am wary of things changing with that. I have been following this issue in the news but have not read the legislation. I am very interested in seeing your posts about it.

Cynthia said...

It is definitely a busy time of the year for hs moms.

Holly said...

Hi Amy,

I have just discovered your blog and wanted to introduce you to a few other bloggers who blog about homeschooling. Raising Olives ( has nine children she homeschools and HappyWouseWife, has 7 that she teaches. And there are more. We actually have a number of homeschooling bloggers and thought I'd let you know. You can find their communities at TheBlogFrog. Just thought I'd share.

Cheers! Holly

~Sandy said...

Just found you through Holly over at the blogfrog and wanted to say hello! I'm new to your blog. I saw that you homeschool, so I completely understand you are very busy. But I was wondering if you had the time if you could answer a question. Have you ever used the AO lifepacs??? I'm trying to come up with a new curriculum at the last minute and any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks sandy