Stranger SLAPS a 2yr Old!!!!

There are some stories which just leave me shaking my head wondering what the people involved were thinking.

This past Monday, a man in Georgia felt the need to SLAP a STRANGER'S child!!

Apparently, the 2yr old was being a 2yr old. The man "warned" the mom (i.e.-threatened) that if she didn't shut her child up then HE would. I think at that point I might have gone to another aisle, tweeted that someone had threatened me and/or my child, and perhaps found a manager to tell. (Hey...we're talking reality here. Who doesn't tweet about something like this?)

Moving to another aisle is about the only thing I'd have done differently, however. While my children are well-behaved most of the time, they (like ALL humans) are NOT perfect. There were times when they threw fits. Heck, there are STILL times when my children disobey. I know. Shocking.

Still, NO ONE has the right to discipline another person's child...let alone SLAP THEM! Seriously! This guy SLAPPED a 2yr old REPEATEDLY in the FACE!!! I would never slap my child!! WHY would I think it was okay for a STRANGER to do so?

The closest I EVER got to "slapping" was a tap on the back of the hand when/if my child tried to take the safety-covers off of an electrical outlet, or tried to touch a surge-protector that had an open outlet (which then led me to put safety-plugs on those also). It is NEVER okay to SLAP a child!!! EVER!

This guy has got some SERIOUS issues. Thankfully, he is currently in jail so he can't harm any more innocent children. He's being charged with a 1st-degree felony.

Does anyone see the irony here? An old man was THROWING A FIT and SLAPPED a stranger's child because the CHILD was BEHAVING as 2yr olds are known and expected to do!!!

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