I'm Back for Real This Time

Ya'll didn't think that I was serious when I said I'd be back right away, did you? 'Cause I did.

But then life happened. Life like me losing the only crown I had after 15 years. (Apparently this is common. No one bothered to tell me that 15 years ago so that I could save up to replace it. Thanks a LOT!)

Don't worry, I'm not really mad at anyone.

About that.

Oh I kid. But really I'm not.

Did I mention that the crown coming out happened just after we'd almost met our $1100 allotment for the year for dental care? They managed to cement it back in for now, but suspect they'll have to put a new one in come January as the walls of this one are really bad. There's no decay...just a crummy crown...that managed to stay in for 15 years.

Did I also mention that 2 days after my dental financial attack, my daughter decided to fall while at the park and split one of her 2 front ADULT teeth in half horizontally? Sure, hon. We'll spend umpteen dollars fixing your teeth. And then spend double umpteen fixing mine in January.

Because we have a money tree in the backyard.

Basically, I'm saying my excuse for not coming back when I said I'd come back is that I was reeling from the pending financial doom of our future. Okay, maybe not doom compared to the over $40K we owed in medical bills at one time, but you get the idea. It was unexpected. So I took some time to curl up in a fetal position in the corner and cry.

After some phenomenal weeks couponing, I've got some tips for newbies coming up. I'm also talking politics (a favored topic of mine).

Let me know what you'd like to hear and I'll do my best to work it into an upcoming post!

Again, thanks for your patience. Bloggers are humans too. As I've proved all too well these last several weeks.


Kim V. said...

So your the one who took my money tree!!!
I've been looking for it. :)
At least you some humor about the whole situation.
Kim :)

Cynthia said...

UGH about the dental problems.... bdtd....