Where Did I Go?

I guess only time will really tell if I'm back for real this time. Where did I go? Why? The answer to that is a long story that perhaps I will share fully one day.

Here's the bottom line: I am a very open, transparent person. I am who I am. I don't hide who I am. I am very open about who and what I am. I always have been. Love me or hate me, you must take me as I am. The problem is that there comes a time when real life and blog life collide. When that happens, and silence must take over...there's nothing left to say for a period. I thought I could just blog about benign stuff (couponing, politics, etc..yeah...I just called politics benign. HA!). I was wrong. I couldn't. If I couldn't be fully open about my heart and where I was, then I couldn't say anything. So I didn't. That's largely because what was happening was coloring so much of how I felt, what I said, what I thought, and what I did. I knew I couldn't hide it as I should. So I shut my mouth.

I hope you'll understand. I know many bloggers have come to a place where something like this has happened. It can be a welcome or unwelcome result of being open and transparent about your blog. Sometimes I think anonymous bloggers have it so much easier. They don't have to worry about how what they say today will affect their very livelihood tomorrow. (At least not until they're found out...which DOES happen.)

I'll share some about what's been going on soon...when the time is right. Until then, I do believe I am back. I am looking forward to the future. God has things in store for us that we would have never in a million years expected.

I've heard it said that if you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans. So we did that. And He laughed. And showed us a new way.

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