Why Do We Fight?

I firmly believe that God will use our current situations, our life, to speak to us many times. Today as I watched my children, I realized how much we, as the body of Christ, are like my children.

I asked my children to do something. They responded with a polite, respectful, “Yes, Mam”, and proceeded to obey. Not 5 minutes later, they were fighting. He didn't do what she thought he should, and she was being mean to him. She thought hers was the only way to do it, and as such both of the others were doing it wrong even though both of them were still obeying.

I stopped and looked at the situation. I had one child who had decided she was in charge. She had worked for a little bit with her brother and sister. At some point, she decided that she was doing it right and they were doing it wrong. After this revelation hit her, she QUIT WORKING to instruct them on how they were doing it wrong and how they should be doing it. The other two (who were still working) looked at her like she was crazy (rightfully so) and continued to work as they had been instructed. The oldest then decided that since they weren't going to listen to her she would continue to NOT WORK and would instead be mean and hateful to her brother and sister. She yelled at them, she hit her brother, and she proceeded to analyze their EVERY step telling them what they were doing wrong and why it was wrong. All the while, THEY are obeying...and she is NOT. Yet she comes to tell us that the others aren't doing it “right” and we need to instruct them. When we pointed out that they were working (even though it wasn't HER way) and she WAS NOT, she got indignant and walked away in a huff mad that we had not seen things her way.

Before I called her back to talk to her, it hit me that we, as the body of Christ, are far too often like my oldest. We start out obeying what God has commanded us to do. Then, somewhere along the way, we decide that our way is the only right way. We then STOP WORKING as God has commanded to instead correct others and tell them how THEY'RE not doing it right...even though the others are still working...and we have stopped.

Is this what God would want? Does He want us all do do it one way? Or does He want us to just obey, even if how I obey is different than how you obey? As long as we're both accomplishing the task which Christ has set forth, does my methodology (though it may be different from yours) really matter?

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