A Radio Wife's Guide to Moving

I generally don't like to brag about myself. However, after embarking on my 16th move and the 7th time I've changed states in 12 1/2 years, I feel I can safely say that I'm an expert at moving. Add to that the years of experience I gained moving as a child, teen, & young adult thanks to my Dad's career in the oil industry, and I think I've earned the title "expert" fair & square!

Thankfully, both my husband & I feel we're finally heading to a long-term place. After having done pretty much everything in radio, Gary has found exactly where he wants to be job-wise. As a result, this may be one of my final long-term moves. I foresee myself needing to start a moving company in the future to fill any gaps this may leave.

Many have joked after I've moved myself or helped them get their house packed in a week that I should write a book on moving. I've told them I'm going to title it "A Radio Wife's Guide to Moving".

So I did what they've asked. I have started a blog: A Radio Wife's Guide to Moving. I'll be blogging about our current move as well as writing a step-by-step guide for moving.

I'll let you guys know when I have a post over there as well.

Back to packing!


Unknown said...

Because you just had too much time on your hands, right? ;-) Just teasin'! Sharing some of your experiences can save others a lot of trouble.

AmyMusings said...

In a past life you lived in the home that your great great great grandfather's grandfather built and you never left. :-)

From one frequent mover to another...but no where near the moving expert as you since I am out of practice, having lived now in the same home for 10 years, holy cow!! Roots Schmoots!