Ladies Night Out

I so wish my friends from Michigan could see me now! We thought we were wild & crazy when we had our mom's night out in Holland! HA! They should see me in Vegas. (Excuse me while I now play to Every.Single.Stereotype. about Vegas.)

Seriously, though, ladies...we didn't know what fun was! Tonight, I went & played Bingo. I'm pretty sure this means I have crossed over to the dark side or become evil or something. (Wouldn't crossing over to the dark side & becoming evil pretty much be the same thing? I thought that too after writing it, but I'm to tired to go back & edit it.)

I'd say the night was a success. I came home with an insulated, reusable grocery bag and Jenga.

But wait! I haven't told you the worst part yet! It was in...a casino. (Gasp! Horror! She really has lost her mind! I can't believe they moved to Vegas!)

So there you have it. We now live in Las Vegas, and I have gone to a casino. All hope is lost for me. Oh come on! You knew it was only a matter of time! After all, we DID move to Vegas! What else would we do? (Honey, I have some calls to make. I need to set up a prayer chain for the Thompsons. They've really gone off the deep end now.)

Stereotype played. Can we move on now?

Seriously, we had a great time! I've met some wonderful ladies here, and I'm looking forward to getting to know them better in the coming months & years. With each passing day, I continue to see confirmation that this was a God-ordained move (even if it is in Vegas).


Reba Townsend said...

wohoooo you go!!


Jay Paterson said...

God ordained it is! Just wait until you see what He has in store for you all ... if you were to know it all now it would more than likely boggle your mind!

I am certain you are going to be experiencing many wonderful, unexpected WOW moments of His love and Grace in the very near future. Hang in there, and keep looking UP! :-)


Tiara Sweeney said...

Hehe did anyone think you wouldn't go into a casino there.... Lots of good stuff in there... Shows, food, places for meetings, giant aquariums with interesting fish, tigers (sleeping though they may be) gigantic playrooms with carnival games like dime flipping and guess your age.... It's not ALL evil.... It's entirely possible to live there and not go to casinos but your not gunna learn near as much :) glad your having fun...


Thoughts of THAT mom said...

Yes it is, Jay. Yes it is.

Tiara, that was more a fun jab at some of my friends in Holland who gave me a hard time before we moved here (in love & fun, of course).

Tiara Sweeney said...

Yes of course... I remember what it was like before I moved there.... I couldn't understand how we could move there... I asked "do they even have houses?"