Cheap Doesn't Equal Low Quality!

I read an article on Photo Focus today that just irritates me. The article's sole purpose is to bash photographers who charge under market value for their work. ("Market value" in this case evidently being established by those who charge the most.)

I totally disagree with Mr. Bourne's premise that because someone "under charges", they are also under-talented. That couldn't be further from the truth! I know several novice photographers who are VERY talented!

I'm sure this author would say my friends under charge. I see it differently. I think they are very competitively priced. Sure, they give the high-priced photographers a run for their money. It's called competition, honey. Competition. You don't like that others are taking business from you because they're charging less? Then YOU charge less, don't rant about them degrading the entire photography industry because they don't charge enough. Perhaps YOU'RE charging TOO MUCH?!?

If the "common man" (that would be me and my family) can't afford your services, and you're okay with that then fine. Shut up and enjoy your high-paying clientele and accept that you won't earn the business of commoners who cannot (or will not) pay exorbitant prices for a service they can get cheaper...with equal or better quality.

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