A Peanut is Born

I was instructed that I couldn't post this until at least 9:30 tonight since that's when she was born. 9 years ago today, God blessed us with a precious peanut.

Happy birthday, Miss Whit. You're my "mini-me". Your Daddy says he knew from your first oh-so-passionate cry that you were just like your Mama. I love you so much. I can't believe you've gone from that little one who cried with so much passion to my little lady.

You went from my sweet, passionate baby to the sweetest toddler there ever was:

Toddler Peanut
Now, you're learning the finer points of shooting from Daddy:

8 year old learning gun safety

I wouldn't have believed you 9 years ago if you told me my baby girl would one day be doing this:

8yr old gets ready to shoot
You're growing up so fast. I love you so much, Gracie. I pray this year is more blessed than you can even imagine.



Reba Townsend said...


Reba Townsend said...

awesome page! sooo sweet! Happy Birthday "peanut"


Gary Thompson said...

=) Happy Birthday, Peanut! I love you!


Ronda Benton Jones said...

AWWW Very sweet. Happy birthday =)