Von's: Can We Talk?

Dear Vons,

I fear our relationship has not started off on the right foot. I tried. I really did.

I did everything in my power to ensure that you & I would get along. I did what every good couponer would do. I went to your website & attempted to find your coupon policy. When I only found your policy for printable coupons, I kept searching. As any good couponer who desires to follow proper coupon policies would do.

I could clearly see by your site that you were owned by Safeway as the printable coupon policy listed was that of Safeway stores. Perhaps the Safeway site would help me. Unfortunately, I found no help there either. I attempted to e-mail your company ahead of our move to ensure I had the coupon policy in writing. I wanted to make sure I knew what to expect as I had heard horror stories about you and your sister store, Dominick's. Alas, I got no reply.

I finally found responses to coupon policy requests online. The kind ladies and gentleman at Couponer's Wanted posted responses they had received in hopes of helping others; or just in an attempt to see if this week's policy was different than last week's. I hear they change frequently and on the whim of the manager for that day.

I know your sister store Dominick's is talking to couponers about their problems through Jill Cataldo. Do you think, that perhaps, just maybe you might listen to us too? (Especially since nearly every.single.complaint. had by a Dominick's customer could be echoed by a Von's customer?)

But I digress...and dream...

And then, we met today. I've been in your store several times in the past month. I had even used coupons while there. I was behaving as most couponing shoppers do, though. I used only a couple of coupons. I had an issue my first week where a manager tried to tell me I couldn't use a coupon because the item was a good price already since it was on sale. He finally agreed to take my coupon "just this once".

And again, today. Today. My first day back to "super-couponing". You see, Von's, I'm not your average couponer. I am a bonafide super-couponer. I have been doing this for 12 years. Not months, not weeks, YEARS. I know what it is to coupon. I also know that you must make sure you clearly know each store's coupon policy before entering that store.

I have tried. I have talked to your corporate office. I'm told you only limit internet-printable coupons. I'm told you don't take copied coupons. (Who would? That would be fraud.) I'm told you reserve the right to limit the use of OTHER store coupons (like a Walgreen's Register Reward that is a manufacturer coupon).

I've not even yet attempted to use another store's manufacturer coupon at your store. I've not yet attempted to use a printable coupon at your store. I would never copy a coupon as that is illegal.

Why, then oh help me why, did I have a problem today when attempting to use coupons FOUND on a product IN YOUR STORE!!!!!???!!?? I peeled the "Save $1 now" coupons off the product while standing in your aisle. I then proceeded to head to the registers to check out.

I met, "the man". We'll call him "the man" because I think he felt like the man when he attempted to stop me in my alleged fraudulent use of "duplicate" coupons. HUH? They were what us couponers call "peelies". They were coupons I had to peel off of a product while in the store. They said "save now" which indicates that the manufacturer hoped I would purchase that product because of the incentive they were offering to save $1 now if I did so.

I do appreciate that your managers finally agreed to let me purchase all of 14 of my items with all 14 of my coupons "just this once". Unfortunately, I fear that "just this once" is more often than you or the Safeway corporation would like. As in, "I'm only in your store 'just this once' because of the way I was treated when I attempted to legally and properly use a legitimate coupon". For your sake, I hope I'm wrong, but I fear I'm not.

Seriously, can we stop this before it gets bad? I hate to go up the corporate ladder, but I will. I've done it before, and I will do it again if necessary. Really, though, can't we just agree to get along if we all play by the rules? Please? Pretty please?

It would make it MUCH easier the next time I walk into your store with this:

Coupons 1st Week of January


Melody said...

You go girl! I KNOW you will conquer in the end! Good luck!

Crazy Mom Of The 3 Cubs said...

LOL... They are SO messing with the wrong woman, and the wrong couponer! I love a good corporate battle, keep us updated!

Melissa said...

Grrr... that is so infuriating!! I hate it when some manager (or even assistant manager or overzealous cashier) gets it in their head that we are taking money straight out of their paycheck by using coupons. Man, you can have 50 good runs and 1 bad one like that just ruins it all. Hello - isn't the point of retail to move merchandise, sell things, make money? Yuck! Sorry!

Anonymous said...

Do ya miss Meijer?

Jess @ That Coupon Girl said...

I found this post while searching for the official Vons coupon policy for an article I am writing. Sadly, I have yet to find it. I can't believe they gave you heat over using a peelie! ugh! Oh and the "it's already a good price" comment really makes me mad. I HATE when cashiers do that. I try to remain calm and just say "well that's not how coupons work". Usually they "let it go this one" time... gee thanks? I'm sorry but you will "let it go" more than once honey. :)

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

Sorry, Jess. You won't find it. It's not online. You also won't get it when e-mailing them.

I was really excited when Safeway contacted me to let me know their marketing department would be going over my complaint & getting back to me.

Unfortunately, my complaints & those of others have fallen on deaf ears. Not only has the Safeway corporation which heads Safeway, Dominicks, & Vons decided NOT to post a coupon policy online, but they are going to make the coupon restrictions that they arbitrarily pass out to stores more strict.

I'm sure you all are as excited as I am over this news. (insert dripping sarcasm)

Looks like Von's will only get my business if there's a "can't refuse" deal that brings me in there!

Unknown said...

I just found your site and I know this was a couple of months ago but I have had the same problem with VONS. I have called the corp number and all they say is that it is up to the store manager.

Hope you got ahold of someone and had better luck. You get them girl!

Thoughts of THAT mom said...


You need to call the district or regional office directly to get any response. The 800 customer no-service line will always give the same pat response. However, calling the district or regional offices directly will yield results!

Anonymous said...

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