SOS Mom Saver: Freezing Eggs?

Did you know you can freeze eggs? We've been doing it for years! I don't even know when or where I first heard about it, but it's an invaluable tip when eggs go on sale for super cheap!

You'll need the following:
  • A dozen eggs
  • A mixing bowl
  • A fork or wire wisk
  • 2 ice-cube trays
  • An ice-cream scoop is optional, but I always use one to prevent messes.
  • 2 gallon-size storage or 1 gallon-size freezer baggie

Ingredients for Freezing Eggs
You can freeze quantities greater than 12, but the easiest way to freeze them is to do it a dozen at a time.

You put them in a bowl and mix them together as if making scrambled eggs.

Cracking Eggs in a Bowl
That would be all 12 of them. One dozen to be exact. Sorry. I'll stop now.

A dozen eggs in a bowl
You can see a very small part of my helper there. Kirstie LOVES to cook! She wants to own her own restaurant some day.

Whisking Eggs
Once they're well mixed, divide them evenly among 24 ice-cube sections. To make it easier on myself, I just fill 12 in each of 2 ice-cube trays. I usually use my ice-cream scoop to "dip" even quantities into the ice-cube trays & then fill in at the end with a spoon. However, my ice cream scoop has yet to be unpacked. So I'm doing it the messy way today...dumping the eggs into the ice cube tray. I'll spare you THOSE pics!

Eggs in Ice Cube Tray Freezing Eggs
Once all 24 sections are filled, place the eggs into the freezer to be frozen just as you would when making ice from water.

Scrambled Eggs in the Freezer
When both trays are in the freezer, just wait until they are completely frozen solid before moving on to the next step. I typically wait overnight to ensure they are fully frozen. (Imagine Jeopardy music playing here. I find that quite appropriate. Except that I don't think I'd want to listen to that all night. Nevermind.)

Both Frozen Egg Trays in Freezer
The "egg cubes" are frozen!

Frozen Eggs in Ice Cube Trays Thoughts of THAT Mom
Once the "egg cubes" are frozen, pop them out just as you would regular ice cubes & put them in a freezer baggie.

Frozen Eggs in a Baggie Thoughts of THAT Mom
Be sure to label the baggie including the date. Tip: It's MUCH easier to label a baggie if you do so before filling it.

Frozen Eggs Labeled in a Baggie Thoughts of THAT Mom
Eggs can be frozen like this for up to 6-12 months. If you'd like to err on the side of caution, use them within 6 months.

When you're ready to use an egg, you will need to do a little prepping. The night before, transfer the number of eggs you'll need into a bowl in the fridge. (2 cubes is equal to 1 egg.) If you're planning on making scrambled eggs, it's typical to assume 2 eggs for each adult, 1 for each child, plus an extra for good measure. In the morning, they'll be defrosted, ready for a final whip before cooking and; you're good to go!

You'll do the same if you're cooking with an egg(s). You just pour the defrosted egg(s) into your mixture instead of a fresh egg.

If you happen to forget to defrost eggs the night before, they can still be used. For cooking, defrost them in a bowl of hot water. If you're cooking scrambled eggs you can either defrost them in a bowl of hot water or just put the cubes into the pan. They will defrost as the pan heats up. They'll cook "normally" once defrosted without any problems.

Have you ever frozen eggs before? What other unusual items do you freeze?


all in the family said...

I have never done this but heard of it. One thing I have done though, is DRY mine. I have done dried whole eggs and now need to work on dried egg whites ;) I freeze my egg beaters that I get for almost nothing too ;)

Melissa Spero Messina said...

I never knew this Very cool :)


Thoughts of THAT mom said...


How do you dry your eggs? Do you use a dehydrator or the oven? I've never heard of drying eggs. I guess it never occurred to me that you could. I don't know why, you can dry just about anything else!


Heather said...

I freeze yogurt when it's on sale and I have a coupons. I know the active cultures die after they're frozen, but it still makes for a tasty treat.

Melissa White said...

Questions - I read about the freezing of the eggs - what is the best deal you have gotten on eggs? What do you consider a stock up price? Thanks!


Thoughts of THAT mom said...

In the good 'ole days when I didn't buy organic eggs, I'd stock up at $.33/dozen. You'll see the best deals you can get for the year coming up the week before Easter. They'll get cheaper starting this coming Sunday & will be their cheapest that week. I'm not sure what the current low price is for non-organic eggs, but it will be what they are at... See More that week.

If you are buying organically like me, I stock up when they hit $2/dozen or less. We also buy locally at Farmer's Markets & from local farmers to save money. I'm hoping to find an organic, free-range farm here so I can get them for around $1.50/dozen like I was back in Michigan.

Melissa White said...

I usually buy egglands best or use RR at Wags to get them "free" but have never really stocked up. Not sure why, I do on everything else! Thanks!