SOS Mom Saver: Homemade Popcorn

Today's Mom Saver isn't just about saving money. It's also about helping your family become more healthy! A LOT of people have the misconception that being healthy costs more. In some cases, that is true. In some cases, though, being healthy can actually save your family money!

I think pretty much everyone has heard the dangers of microwave popcorn bags by now. There are concerns that the chemicals coating the inside of the bag can cause cancer. They also say that the chemical used to make the butter flavor can be problematic if inhaled.

Besides, honestly, which would you rather feed your family?

Microwave & Real Popcorn Comparison Thoughts of THAT Mom
Which would you rather have your starting product be?

Microwave Popcorn in the Bag Next to Real Popcorn on the Counter Thoughts of THAT Mom
I know what MY answer is!

Like most people, I used to think that making my own popcorn would be some time-consuming task that I really didn't want to mess with. Either that, or I had to buy a special popcorn maker. And really? I don't need yet another gadget. I like to keep things simple.

I had heard that you could put popcorn into a brown lunch bag, fold it & cook it in the microwave just as you would a store-bought bag of microwave popcorn. That's all well and good, but we didn't have a microwave at the time and had no intentions of buying one. I needed something else.

I learned that you could very easily make popcorn right on your stove-top!

The only ingredients required are popcorn kernels and a high-heat oil. (I use Safflower oil.) You'll also need a pan with a lid.

Add 3tbs of oil to your pan.

Drop 1 kernel of popcorn into the oil & turn it on to high heat.

Once that kernel pops, then add the other kernels.

They're all in the pan now!

Put on the lid & get ready for it to pop!

(You might need to hold the lid on as the popping corn likes to knock it off. Be sure you wear a glove or potholder while doing this as the oil does splatter if you have any venting in your lid.)

Look at it popping!

You'll be able to easily see when the popcorn is done popping.

Almost Done!

It's done!

The popcorn will have a slight flavor from the oil so butter may not even be necessary.

Dump it into the bowl & enjoy!

How easy was that!

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Unknown said...

Yay! We love homemade popcorn (that microwave stuff gives me headaches, yuck!) I remember making it in the pan when I was younger and we had no microwave or air popper. I think I should teach this skill to my boys. We found an air popper at a yard sale last weekend and they are all skilled at using it. We've been putting that baby to good use ;-)